Volunteering Organizations

National Association of Volunteer Work

The National Association for Volunteer Work is an entity of a public utility, and is subject to the law of associations, before that it was active ...

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Sectors: 18

Initiative Germano Africaine de la Jeunesse

The African-German Youth Initiative (AGYI) is being implemented in Germany and in African countries. Engagement Global is coordinating the developm...

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Sectors: 3

YOUthkmer Volunteers for SDGs

YOUthkmer Volunteers for SDGs (YV4SDGs) is the national’s largest civil society-run Platform – every single action from the local level all the way...

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Sectors: 8

Siphomed Foundation

Siphomed foundation is the charity wing of Siphomed group focus on preventing health inequalities and tackling the social determinants of health. ...

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Sectors: 2