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AUYVC Story Frida Frans

".... the experience I gained as a volunteer gave me so much in return that it led me to understand what I really want to do with my life and espec...

Date: Apr 08, 2021

African Union Youth Volunteer Corps Turns 10- Farzana Abdikadir

The AU-YVC program imbedded in my system a Pan African identity and helped me rediscover my roots as an African. The program has indeed establishe...

Date: Dec 23, 2020

African Union Youth Volunteer Corps Turns 10- Victor Moinina

When I signed up for the African Union Youth Volunteer Program, I knew that I was in for an awesome experience. I  thank African Union for th...

Date: Dec 23, 2020

AGYI Alumni stories

Foreword Alumni Booklet In the spirit of ‘amplifying youth voices’ the Southern African Alumni Network (SAAN) aims to use this Alumni ...

Date: Jun 25, 2020