The most exciting part for me, serving as an AU-YV within the Youth Division of the African Union Commission, was to be immersed with vast relevant skills to sail through. Looking back at my two-year journey and my achievements, I can confidently say I have grown so much in such a short period, and my CV can barely accommodate the real growth.

There were times when I would complete tasks and later wonder how I managed, and there were times when I was not sure but did it anyway to learn from my mistakes. I would say this with every breath I have. My immediate supervisor was the “Best.”

During my two-year AU-YV service, my most important achievements were related to empowering and mobilizing a critical mass of youth to advocate for gender equality, and curbing harmful practices, the same as the promotion of health and emotional wellbeing in an enabling environment, and the introduction of the AU Youth Digest (monthly e-newsletter).

My journey as an AU-YV has opened an array of opportunities for me: career and personal development, and most, especially increasing my knowledge and fine-tuning my perception of Africa. Through AU-YV, I have met persons from different socio-cultural origins. This exposed me to pragmatically understand other cultures and learn to more effectively communicate interpersonally. Of course, meeting various scholars and cultures fine-tuned my perception of Africa as a race and continent.

It will not be an exaggeration to say becoming an AU-YV is a dense yet an unforgettable experience that has greatly advanced my professional and interpersonal skills as well as network across institutions and borders, enriching my life and nurturing the Pan-African spirit within me.



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