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who are we? The International Organization for Voluntary Work extends qualified hands and expertise to volunteers to draw a smile on the lips and ...

Alexandria, Egypt

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who are we? The International Organization for Voluntary Work extends qualified hands and expertise to volunteers to draw a smile on the lips and build bridges of love, brotherhood and friendship between peoples and their governments, and spread peace and affection between peoples, in application and training among peoples. Different towards humanity, to protect human life, ensure respect for his humanity and alleviate his suffering, in coordination and cooperation with local and international relief and humanitarian organizations and organizations that extend hands to the needy in accordance with international norms and laws regulating voluntary and charitable work. The Vision: The vision of the International Organization for Voluntary Work is to achieve voluntary work that meets the needs of all people, regardless of their ethnicities, beliefs and customs, and achieves human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international laws that achieve human justice and sustainable social development for the individual and build a cohesive society. The message: A civilized voluntary contribution that contributes to developing areas of sustainable social development and achieves social well-being with high efficiency, according to an institutional, participatory, voluntary performance. The Organization: The International Organization for Voluntary Work is an organization [under establishment] based on the voluntary membership of individuals and institutions. It consists of branches and international networks, affiliated groups, and international members. It depends on regional delegates or commissioners. It also depends on partnership, cooperation and twinning contracts with similar institutions in goals and visions. And the nature of joint humanitarian work. Objectives: 1. Rooting human values ​​and implanting authentic Arab traditions to ensure community cooperation and cohesion. 2. Developing strategies and plans and implementing programs specialized in the formation and preparation of volunteers in a sound manner that meets the needs of future volunteer-based institutions. 3. Adopting innovative methods to implement policies aimed at sponsoring, developing and developing volunteer work locally and internationally in line with the social policies of countries and in optimal cooperation with regional and international organizations. 4. Finding appropriate mechanisms to solve the problems facing volunteer work in terms of legal differences and international relations transactions in general, whether through the institution or with authorization from others in this regard. 5. Increase the initiative and innovation spirit among young people to motivate them to volunteer fruitful work.