As we work towards creating ‘The Africa We Want’, we need to recognise volunteerism as a powerful mechanism in the achievement of the Agenda 2063 Aspirations. The African Union Agenda 2063 encapsulates the voice of Africa’s people and their aspirations. It emphasizes inclusive prosperity, integration, community participation, good governance and peace among many other ideals.

According to the 2018 UNV State of Volunteerism Report, it is estimated that there are 12.1 million full-time equivalent volunteers in Africa. These volunteers work in different sectors on the continent and make a phenomenal impact in the areas of continental development. Volunteers and volunteer efforts are essential to the successful implementation of the Agenda 2063, and the achievement of prosperity.

The promotion of volunteerism thus enables it to become a catalyst for advancing socio-economic development. The promotion of volunteer efforts entails creating environments that support and enable volunteerism. This grants volunteers the capacity to have far-reaching access and influence in the different spaces that they work in. This aids in the sharing of information on the Agenda Aspirations.

Volunteers work within communities and create relationships while making efforts towards sharing the message of sustainable development. These relationships foster the creation of solutions that are locally owned and sustained. Volunteers are then able to contribute towards long-term, culturally and contextually appropriate development.

For more information on Agenda 2063, see here https://au.int/en/agenda2063/aspirations   

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