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Role of volunteering in the acquisition of experience and the promotion of know-how

I am Koffi Mawulolo Mahouna, translator and conference interpreter (English-French) of Togolese nationality. I have just completed twelve (12) volu...

Date: Mar 17, 2023

The Rollercoaster Ride of Volunteering: SEFANDE, The Unsung Adventurous Hodophile

"You do not volunteer if you are afraid of the unknown, you volunteer for the unknown that reveals you with yourself." This statement of mine is s...

Date: Nov 18, 2022


“The best gift a person can give to his society or environment is Volunteerism. This is a great opportunity on a high level. I am grateful to...

Date: Nov 18, 2022


INTRODUCTION TO HOW I GOT INTO THE AFRICAN UNION YOUTH VOLUNTEER CORPS Through a phone call of colleague in Rwanda in 2018 who is (AU-YV Alumni) r...

Date: Sep 29, 2022

Being involved in strengthening quality education in Africa through volunteerism: my greatest source of pride

Led by a strong and innate desire to contribute to making a better Africa and throughout my studies, I became interested in the interplay between r...

Date: Aug 23, 2022

The Amazing Volunteering Journey: Nyandoh Walks-off the Pedestrian Lane

The most exciting part for me, serving as an AU-YV within the Youth Division of the African Union Commission, was to be immersed with vast relevant...

Date: Jul 21, 2022

When the Going Gets Tough, The Toughest Win the Battle by Thabiso Monageng

COVID-19 has greatly affected our day-to-day life, our businesses and has disrupted access to opportunities. However it also sparked a lot of resil...

Date: Nov 02, 2021

Pushing the Women’s Agenda amidst chaos and uncertainty Written by Caroline M Nkuziwalela

An Exciting experience I want to share! After anxiously waiting for my deployment following our pre deployment training in Cairo, Egypt, I was rec...

Date: Oct 05, 2021

AUYVC Story Frida Frans

".... the experience I gained as a volunteer gave me so much in return that it led me to understand what I really want to do with my life and espec...

Date: Apr 08, 2021

African Union Youth Volunteer Corps Turns 10- Farzana Abdikadir

The AU-YVC program imbedded in my system a Pan African identity and helped me rediscover my roots as an African. The program has indeed establishe...

Date: Dec 23, 2020

African Union Youth Volunteer Corps Turns 10- Victor Moinina

When I signed up for the African Union Youth Volunteer Program, I knew that I was in for an awesome experience. I  thank African Union for th...

Date: Dec 23, 2020

AGYI Alumni stories

Foreword Alumni Booklet In the spirit of ‘amplifying youth voices’ the Southern African Alumni Network (SAAN) aims to use this Alumni ...

Date: Jun 25, 2020